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NPI Number One ( helps you easily look up more than 5 Technologists, Technicians & Other Technical Service Providers / Darkroom doctors, physicians and medical groups in the United States of America. NPI Number One provides detailed information, including personal overview, history of education and training, specialities, practice locations, and more. All information produced by the NPI Number One is actually provided in accordance with the NPPES Data Dissemination Notice. The NPPES creates a record for each health care provider to whom it assigns an NPI.

  Full name Credentials City / State NPI
Barg, Roy A. CNA Mansfield, TX
Drake, Robert North Charleston, SC
Greenbrier Physicians, Inc Ronceverte, WV
Hardy, Reginald Richmond, TX
Lamson, Kelsey Laureen Dearborn, MI

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Note: Some doctors, physicians or health care providers with NPI numbers may be practicing in countries outisde the United States or within the U.S. armed forces. Because of this, they are unable to be categorized by state. You may still search for them using our popular NPI lookup service.